Boston Born. Buffalo Bred. San Francisco convert.

Welcome to my test kitchen. I am not a professionally trained chef. I put my own flair on traditional dishes and create new ones based on my cravings and what’s fresh at the loca¬†farmer’s market. I love crafting a new meal and I can’t wait for you to share my passion.

Simply put, I love food. I love eating it. I love the process of preparing it. I love that a warm meal is all you need to bring people together. We socialize over it. We guilt over it, celebrate over it, and support one another over it. Sometimes, we even fight over it (never EVER touch my leftovers).

When I’m not eating, I’m creatively obsessing over my next meal. I don’t subscribe to a particular diet or trend, but I do try to add healthy substitutes when it doesn’t compromise a dish.

Did I mention wine? It should be it’s own food group. Chances are it’s either in my food or in a glass as I’m cooking. As I get a hang of this blog, I hope to add suggested wine pairings.